Well I was very bad and seemed to miss posting the entire month of August. So to make it up, I am going to show the various projects I am willing to admit are on the needles.

First after finishing the Peacock Feathers shawl I cast on one for a friend of mine who does not know she is getting it so there are no deadlines. No deadlines is a very good thing, since I enjoy knitting and not necessarily having finished products lying around. It is a pattern from Victorian Lace today and will be absoultely beautiful one I finish. I hope she will love it.

I also started my first ever circular shawl which right now is a big lace blob. It is also from Victorian Lace Today and would finish it as fast I possibly could except I think I am a little laced out at the moment. Never thought that would happen. Both shawls are being knit with silk lace from Sundara. It is absolutely lovely to knit with.

Rita was here visiting and bought me some lovely sock yarn (such a wise woman). To be exact she bought me 4 skeins of Lorna's Laces, 2 skeins of Koigu and a big skein of Socks that Rock. Thanks to her generosity I will have 4 pairs of socks (eventually) to keep my feet toasty warm. I've already cast on one pair with the red Lorna's Laces. One sock done and one to go:
After buying the fall Knits I became obsessed with this yarn and this sweater. I sadly only had one skein so yesterday I went and bought enough to make the sweater.

The result this morning was a quite a wee bit of headway on the ribbing as you can see below:
My sister was also visiting at the same time as Rita and managed to snag this as a present since I lost the pattern to finish the sweater I started for her. I sadly don't have a picture of her wearing it (hint, hint) so the picture of me wearing it when I finished it in November of last year will have to do:
And I realized I had finished a project in the course of keeping this blog and forgot to post it. I was rooting through my winter stuff to make sure I knew where it all was and lo and behold I found this toque. I made it in February from my own handpun to keep my head warm while on the Canal when I went back to visit a friend in Ottawa. Sadly the picture does not show the subtle colour variations:
There are a few other things to be shown, but I will leave them for another post just in case I don't make enough headway on any of the projects shown.

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Anonymous said...

Is that same as the cats eye lace I was trying on the train?