luscious yarn

I did Navajo plying for this yarn so it is three ply and it turned out really well!!! It looks like commercial store-bought yarn! Since this turned out so well I've decided to use the rest of the yarn in the samlpler kit to make multicoloured sock yarn. Don't the singles look good!

Oh and I must mention that I met the Yarn Harlot on Friday at her book launch in Toronto! It was a long line and I was at the end, but it was worth it as I made some new knitting friends who were nice enough to take this picture for me since I forgot my camera. Look I'm holding the green sock!


the big blob

Well the blue blob on the needles has definately grown. It just may get done before the end of June where I hope to wear it to a wedding. Have to say that the addi turbos are absolutely wonderful. So thank you to the older gentleman at Romni's who noticed that I was knitting lace and recommended I buy those needles instead of the regular addi turbos.Here is a look at the yarn I made now that it is off the bobbin and in a skein. Far from perfect but it is still beautiful!
I bought some roving that was intended for needle felting for some practise spinning and have spun up some of the lovely red colour. I need to ply it and then decide what colour I want to spin up next.

I also picked up some alpaca/bombyx silk roving to be spun up. I think it will make some beautiful lace weight. I am also taking a spinning lesson with a spindle. I was informed the same principles apply so it's worth a try. That is next Saturday; I'm all excited.


addi turbo lace....

...that's write ladies and gentlemen the addi turbo lace needles have finally arrived and I have a pair from my trip to Romni wools. I know it is hard to see the needles with that big lace blob on them, but can you fault me for not waiting to try them?By the way, that lace blob is my new obsession. We will have to see how long it takes or if it will ever make it to the finish line. I have high hopes for this one.

I also picked up my 2.25mm needles and maybe a few other odds and ends as shown below:Yes I bought more handmaiden sock yarn. What can I say the colourways are gorgeous, it's local (ie Canadian) and the yarn is really yummy!

I also spent last weekend spinning up singles. And here is the resulting yummy yarn.

I can still use a lot of improvement and I definately need some lessons, but it is hard to find someone who teaches spinning! I asked the lady at Romni if she knew anyone who teaches spinning. Her response was we don't teach spinning on wheels anymore. That's nice, but why can't people answer the question. I didn't ask her who didn't teach, I asked who did.

Oh well I will remedy this by basking in the sun, drinking beer and knitting. Well maybe not drinking beer since I had quite a bit last night, but that is beside the point since sun and knitting are the more important of the three.