Christmas time already?

Well it is that time of year and even though I try to keep myself knitting for Christmas I somehow get suckered into it. Usually it is my own doing.

This should be a pretty quick one off-er. If there is time it may have something else accompanying it that should also be a pretty quick one off-er.

The spinning wheel is not dead. Mind you I did do this a few weeks ago and haven't had a chance to continue with it (you know with that xmas knitting I've taken on kind a puts a damper on the fun I want to have). There are is another bobbin full that is not shown here. I know it's really bright and I really don't care.

Here is one of those things I suckered myself into for a man who I have already given every tool imaginable to (in conjuction with my sister) and since he really doesn't need any ties etc since he is retired this is the only thing I could come up with that I know for sure he really wants and will make good use of. How do I know that? Because he gave me double pointed needles in my stocking last Christmas in two different sizes with note saying "Hint, Hint" on it. I'm sure you can't get more subtle than that!
One is already done, but I think I will have to take out the toe and make it a little smaller. I've had some people with similar foot sizes try them on and it appears I made the foot slightly too long. The good news is that I don't have to rip it out too far. I have decided however to finish the second one first and then go and correct the first one.

Here is a close up of the stitch pattern. I think it looks manly enough and the colourway has absolutely nothing girly about it. Although if he wants homemade socks as badly as I think he does I wonder if he would wear a girly colourway? Anyways, I have named these the "Manly Man Socks".

And since I can't post the red sweater without giving too much away since that someone actually reads the blog I will distract you with lacy shawl/scarf that sadly hasn't been worked on in the past few weeks either.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, he will be hugging you forever cuz he loves the handmade socks! Especially when he is outside for long periods of time; like now, plowing snow away........they keep his toes toasty warm! Mom