Watch out for that giant lizard!

I spent New Year's Day at the Purple Purl's pajama party and had a blast. While there I got to see one of the women working on her Lizard Ridge blanket and fell in love. It uses Noro which usually I think is way too scratchy for against the skin, but is very gorgeous thanks to the way the colour changes. Although sometimes the colours are also way to bright for me personally to wear. But as a blanket well I'll already have a layer to protect me from the scratchiness and I can enjoy the colours without having to wear them. I will most likely need twenty-five of these blocks to make the blanket and I am having a blast whipping them off (as you can see two are already done). Another great thing about this blanket is you don't have to buy all the yarn at once since each square should be a completely different colourway. The goal is to hopefully have this done by January 2010. It just may happen as this does make great TV knitting.
And to help ring in the New Year, here is a picture of Piper enjoying one of her most favorite treats (it's chicken and if you think I can have some without sharing, think again). On January 2nd I have officially had her for one year!

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