Yarn stores in Vancouver

On Thursday Sarah took me to two yarn stores on Main St (in Vancouver). The first store that we stopped at was very small but it you looked into the back there was tonnes of space as they card, spin and dye their own yarn.
There was a coffee shop across the street from it so we went for a latte and a cookie and to look at our purchases. Sarah bought a spindle and some fleece because she wants to learn to spin.
I bought some delicious green yarn that I am hoping is enough to make a nice warm zip-up sweater. The cookie is a giant and delicious chocolate peanut butter with oatmeal and the latte was yummy.

The second store we hit up was Three Bags Full. We spent quite a bit of time in there as it was very hard to make a decision of what to take home with us. My sister managed to keep from buying anything herself but did some serious enabling.
I bought some beautiful Rowan Felted Tweed, enough for a sweater, and some blue sock yarn that will turn into socks for the boyfriend, if all other Christmas gifts are complete.

I finished knitting Nanny's Triangular Summer Shawl on Thursday and spent yesterday sewing on the border to the main body of the shawl. All that is left to do is weave in all the loose ends and block it, but seeing as I am on vacation and don't have all my regular supplies it may not get blocked until I am home. There should be a post of the finished project in the near future.
There has also been some serious work done on Dad's socks. The heel has been turned and now I am working on the foot. My sister's boyfriend Chet was nice enough to try them on prior to the turning of the heel to make sure they would fit a man's calf. The leg portion is nice and long, just the way Dad likes it and this makes them quite a bit of work. It's a good thing I really enjoy knitting with this yarn.

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Anne said...

Keep up the great work! Christmas will be here before you know it!