on the needles

Okay so I'm still not doing a great job of regular posting but at least I'm posting twice in April. I finally have a picture of the cabled socks in progress to post.
The would have been finished by now if one of the needles hadn't broken (it's a long story about rescuing a parrot who threw a hissy fit and landed on the floor). So since I haven't been to a yarn store that stocks 2.25mm dpn in sets of 5 yet I have started to work on these from some koigu I bought at Lettuce Knit when looking for said dpn's.
My first ever pair of toe up socks! They are my own pattern and it took a couple of attempts with wrapped stiches to get this beautiful turned heel:
I only will admit to buying some beatiful alapaca/silk in a rich turquise and maybe a wee bit more koigu.

I also started work on this:

Which is a sweater of unusually construction made from a yarn called Ottawa. I have also worked a bit more on the red cashmere sweater and I am almost to the point where I have to design the armholes and neckline.

That will be all that I am going to admit to having on needles at the moment. ;)

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