mitered squares and heavenly spinning

I've been unable to concentrate on any one kniting project for longer than half an hour. It has been very disconcerting lately, but I'm just not obsessed with any of my projects at the moment which is very sad. I love being completely obsessed by a project.

I have started this:

It is going to be a mitered square afgan or throw for my friend Laura up in Ottawa. Hopefully it will be ready for her birthday/christmas, which are around the same time.

I have also started spinning again. And now that I know to pre-draft the yarn, it is going a lot faster and a lot smoother than it has ever before. I really need to take classes because as of now I am self taught and I am sure I could be churning out stuff faster and of better quality if I had someone show me how. I almost have an entire bobbin full of beautifully dyed merino from Momma E's cybershop. Perhaps it will turn into socks or mittens?

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