the big blob

Well the blue blob on the needles has definately grown. It just may get done before the end of June where I hope to wear it to a wedding. Have to say that the addi turbos are absolutely wonderful. So thank you to the older gentleman at Romni's who noticed that I was knitting lace and recommended I buy those needles instead of the regular addi turbos.Here is a look at the yarn I made now that it is off the bobbin and in a skein. Far from perfect but it is still beautiful!
I bought some roving that was intended for needle felting for some practise spinning and have spun up some of the lovely red colour. I need to ply it and then decide what colour I want to spin up next.

I also picked up some alpaca/bombyx silk roving to be spun up. I think it will make some beautiful lace weight. I am also taking a spinning lesson with a spindle. I was informed the same principles apply so it's worth a try. That is next Saturday; I'm all excited.

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