What should and should not be.....

Well now that I am all moved in I have started knitting again and have just been bad and have not been posting. I'm still working on two christmas presents. One of them being Dad's socks. I did run out of yarn and had to take out both socks to shorten the legs of both so that I could finish the second sock which is close to completion. I think they should last a long time since they are superwash and I am knitting this yarn on smallish needles for it's weight. Dad if you are reading this you better take good care of them and do exactly as your wife tells you when it comes to care and washing of them. They are one of a kind and designed just for you!
I am also still working on the red blob. I purposefully took this picture so you couldn't figure out what was going on with it (since it is going to remain a surprise for the receipent til the day she gets it). I just wanted to prove that progress is being made and as a matter of fact it's gotten slightly bigger since I was working on it while waiting for these photos to load. I am however slightly worried that I will run out of yarn. But we may just make it by the skin of our teeth!
I also have two projects that technically I really shouldn't be working on since I should be spending all my time and energy on the two above projects (at least in the eyes of the recipents). These lovely socks I started when I finished that red pair I started with yarn from Rita (picture to follow in a later post). I quite like this sock pattern, but I changed the heel from a flap heel to a short row heel since I find them so much easier to knit and slightly more comfortable on my feet.
The second of the two illicit projects is this pretty little thing. It's a scarf which in of itself is shocking but I'm finding the pattern quite pleasant and enjoy turning out the little leaves.

By the way I'm still waiting for a picture of a certain somebody in a sweater that was given to them that was made by me. Hint hint.

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Anonymous said...

Liking the look of those green socks! Speaking of socks....I am down to the kitchner stitch for mine! And YOU are making a scarf! Oh my!!! Mom