Yarn and Breakfast

Well to start I finally have a picture of the first sweater that I ever knit that has now been inherited by my mother since it no longer fits me. It is a merino/cashmere blend and a lovely sweater. I may have to make myself another, but in a size that will fit. It was slightly on the large side to begin with and then when I got smaller and it didn't; well at least it will be put to good use now! If I do make it again I think I will make it into a cardigan though. Hmmm something to think about.I have managed to get my hands on some lace weight malibrigo. Hehehe. Oh the yarn store where I found this also has normal malibrigo (in case someone was coming to visit in May and say wanted to pick up some). It is very lovely to work with and the subtle variations in the colour way I picked are quite pleasing. I had a scone, pineapple and some coffee for breakfast this morning. I made a batch of ginger scones and froze the dough, so I can take them out one at a time and bake them fresh when I'm in the mood. They are very delicious. I'm thinking of making another batch for the freezer so I can alternate between ginger and cranberry. Yum!

Dad's socks are finished, but I don't have a picture of them on his feet so you will just have to imagine them until the time I can get a picture. Apparently new fangled computers are to complicated to email pictures on. My sister's sweater is still ongoing. I'm much closer to finishing but haven't done so due to my freaking out over possibly not having enough wool to finish.


Lolair said...

What did you say.... sweater? I'm holding your presents hostage until I see the finished product - and you want your presents ;). More cottonwood fluff, homemade booze, jalapeno jellies, dried herbs from the garden... muahahaha

Anne said...

My, my, my, what a cute mother you have!!!! And the sweater is not bad either! LOL