Purple Purl

While up on the farm my mother gave me two cones of bulky weight yarn because and I quote "it doesn't felt." I did a little swatch and I got gauge for a pattern of a peacoat that it will be turning into. Mind you it will be slowly since the yarn is not gentle on the hands and it's not soft so it will be perfect for outerwear.
I have also gone back to my spinning. I started this black alpaca a while ago and put it aside for the reason I always put aside my spining. Because it always breaks on me when I try to make it as thin as I want it. I got a great tip on Sunday from the Stashaholic (Ravelry handle) while I was at the Purple Purl (great little knitting store that actually encourages you to hang around and knit and chat). She told me to treadle faster and draft less. It works like a charm and I got through the rest of that bag so easily. Here are the singles. I have two more bags to spin up.
One sleeve of the shrug is done and the second sleeve is on the needles. There has been some more headway since this picture was taken. The knitting part may be finished as soon as tomorrow.
While chit chatting at the Purl I made a few purchases. I bought a Malabrigo pattern book and "Knitting without Tears" by Elizabeth Zimmerman. And these are the new stash purchases. Can anyone say yum!
I will be taking a spinning course at the Purl in the beginning of October. I've heard my teacher is really good and I can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

WOW! What a great job on your spinning.....it looks so fine. I am sure you will learn lots at your spinning course! Have fun. Mom