Hmmm, Cashmere, Yummmm!

The red cashmere sweater is almost complete. I just have to add the bands on the front and then add the zipper! I can't wait til I can wear it! It is so soft against the skin and I have 4 skeins of yarn leftover to do something else with (This sweater has taken up just over four skeins so far). Yummy cashmere. One can never have enough.
The Boing! scarf has been finished for a while now but it took til the beginning of this month to finally block it. I love this scarf. It was an easy lace pattern that was just challenging enough to keep me from getting bored yet simple enough I could still watch TV. I pretty much followed the pattern; the only different thing I did was to add a few extra repeats and I still have quite a chunk of yarn left. I've been wearing it quite a bit and love the feel of the Malabrigo lace against my neck (so very soft).
Two projects that have been hibernating have come back out. I have started again on Dad's Xmas present. The heel has been turned and I just have to finish the gussets and move onto knitting the leg. I was knitting them this evening, enjoying a beer and the Habs game. Currently they are whooping the Leafs 6 to 1. Go Habs Go! The construction is one of Cat Bordhi's toe up socks and the pattern is one I found in a stitch dictionary, called ears of corn. I have named these socks the Blue Corn Socks. Hehe that is a no brainer, eh?
I've also been working on the Alpine Knit Scarf from Victorian Lace Today. Don't let the name fool you; it is definitely a stole and has a true knitted lace border which I am absolutely fascinated with (not that this picture shows it).
Last week I took a spinning course at the Purple Purl and ended up staying almost the entire day knitting after the class. I found the series of stitch dictionaries I have been trying to find for a while! I also bought two more skeins of Malabrigo sock yarn in gorgeous colourways. I may have to take my mother there the next time she visits and maybe my sister when she comes to visit.
Oh and last but not least I've joined a yarn swap with a vintage theme. I've found two swap items for my swap buddy (both are related). It is very fun hunting for items you hope they will like.

PS. Little sister I believe I was promised a picture. I'm still waiting!!!!!!! And if you are going to torture me by making me wait for my box, could you at least send a picture of the yarn you put in the box?


Anonymous said...

You've been busy! Loving the look of that red cashmere! I got to pet a live alpaca this weekend.....very, very, very soft! Mom

Sarah said...

I think I have that last Malabrigo colourway... I'm currently embroidering a coat I'm working on with it. I'll probably still be working on it when I come visit!

kenny said...

I like the scarf and that purple colour yarn....