Update Part I: Vacation at the Farm

The animals and I spent the first week of September up at my parents farm for my first paid vacation. It was nice and relaxing even if the TV was on more than it should have been. Here is a little summary with pictures:

Mom and Piper enjoying the "great outdoors".
TC enjoying being outside.
Dad and I went on an ATV trip with Peter from Top of the Mountain ATV Tours.
Which had great view from the top of hills; "mountain" is a bit of a stretch in this part of the country, especially when the girl you're trying to convince is from BC.
Dad and Piper hung out. Piper has a thing for men. She is much more picky about which women she will keep company with, just ask Tori.
Oh and some knitting did get done. TC was voluntold to model it.
The red cashmere sweater is alive again and on it's third incarnation. The first incarnation was to be a tunic with a high waist that was knit way too many sizes too big and was thus frogged. The second incarnation was as an arrowhead lace top, which became too big when I lost some weight. And now it is a cardigan with cables. However it is a on a wee bit of a hiatus. But only for a short while until the project on the needles is done (will be seen in part II).

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