Saturday Morning

A nice leisurely Saturday morning is always pleasant. Breakfast was delicious, as seen below:
It was a cold latte (the coffee which is espresso strength was made Toddy style, otherwise known as cold-brewed and gives it a sweet mellow taste without added sugar; the milk is organic), my homemade apricot preserves (nice and tart the way I like it; the apricots are from a friends backyard),
....some homemade yogurt with spices and vanilla,
... as well as the last scone from the freezer and some cherries. It was very delicious.

I no longer have to rush to get Dad's socks done and they can now be a Christmas present instead of a birthday present as his surgery has been pushed back and he can now join me on the ATV trip. These will probably go on a bit of a hiatus for now, but I'm sure they will show up in the blog again later this year.
And here is a little video to demonstrate what a hard life Piper has:

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Anonymous said...

Piper's video will not work with my dial-up! Don't leave those socks for too long, Christmas is just around the corner - 4 months will come and go quickly! Mom