Cute Factor

Well the red cashmere sweater is blocked after I finally picked up stitches along the edging and used the I-cord cast-off I used along the neck and hem. I did sew in a zipper, realized it was a dress zipper after all that hard work was done and took it out. I need to find another fine zipper or eye and hooks to close the front. It fits beautifully and I can't wait to start wearing it! Everyone who touches it is absolutely in love with it, but then who wouldn't be; it's cashmere and I have 4 and a half balls left to enjoy to make something else. Now that is the birthday present that keeps on giving.
I started my next sweater shortly after the majority of knitting was completed on the red sweater with the silky Malabrigo yarn I bought at the Purple Purl (it was on sale). Here is the little swatch I made:
It is going to have deep lacy ribbing at the bottom and a deep V-neck with same said ribbing and full length sleeves. I'm going to call it "The Sky is Falling" sweater. I am making pretty good progress so far. See:
I love the subtle tonal changes of the blue.

I've started on my own lace design. It is a wide scarf/stole. I made a little swatch out of some leftover lace from another project just to make sure it would look pretty.
The bottom part is an Estonian star pattern and will be the border and the top is from the 2nd Barbra Walker stitchionary and is called "Faun Eyes". I'm slightly obsessed with it and it is true knitted lace as there are yarn overs and decreases on both the right and wrong sides. This stole is being made from the Indigo Moon hand-dyed silk I got from the Purple Purl booth at the K-W Knitters Fair. I wanted to do something special with this yarn and what is more special than something you've designed yourself? I've already started.
Ah yes and the cute factor promised in the title. Here it is.
PS. Piper met her first little people yesterday (Mel's nephews who are 6 and 4). She really liked them and they loved to play her favorite game with her which is you give her something, she throws it and you pick it up and bring it back to her so you can start all over again.


Anonymous said...

Loving the peeks at your probjects!
Cannot wait to touch that cashmere sweater! See you soon, Mom

Sarah said...

Love the cashmere sweater, an amazing red! I especially love all the cablework you did. I hope you found an invisible zipper for it.

I also wanted to say your lace work is amazing! Now I'm picturing malabrigo lace... sooooo soft and fuzzy.