Bad Habs, bad bad Habs

Yesterday and today I had the same thing for breakfast. Some delicious cranberry scones and coffee. I was going to have banana bread today for brekkie, but it would take too long and I was hungry. So I'll have it for brekkie for tomorrow. The scones were good though. Somebody else enjoyed them as well, as you can see: I'm currently working on the sweater. See I have proof: However I had just enough yarn to finish the knitting part (I had to scavenge just to finish that) but not enough for the assembly so there will be an accent colour at the shoulders. I just have to assemble the other side and see if it works the way they said it shall. I'm closer to rescuing my ransomed presents. I haven't decided which of these two below to work on this morning.

Decisions, decisions. And we shall not discuss the disappointing game last night.

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