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Dearest Mommy, do remember back when I was in Ottawa and I was trying to find that sock book at they Yarn Forward in Kanata but the only had it in the downtown store? Well I managed to find a copy of it at Lettuce Knit. And do you remember that lovely sock yarn you introduced me to at Romni and I ended up buy 3 skeins (so much for being good)?

Well the book is New Pathways for Sock Knitters and it basically allows you to make any of their unusually constructed socks, customed exactly to your foot, based on measurements of your foot and the gauge of the yarn knitted up. I used the lovely blue colourway I bought and made these:
They are the Coriolis socks. They are knit toe up and the increases for the gusset area are increased along that little spiral on the socks you should be able to see. (Kitty paws)
The book even gives you the standard measurements of each foot size if you want to make a pair of socks for someone, but don't have the measurements particular to their foot. As it turns out almost all my measurement correlate for a shoe size 5 except for the length of my foot which is for a size 8. I finished these socks yesterday and then promptly wore them for the rest of the day. They happen to be the most comfortable and perfect socks I have ever worn, including out of all my handmade ones. Custom fit socks are wonderful things.

Shortly after I finished my socks and finshed dancing around in them I finished knitting the red blob. The ends just need to be weaved in, which is dependent on an email I was told I would receive, otherwise you can weave in the ends yourself my dearest sister. It isn't the easiest garment to get on. I recommend putting your head through the head hole and then put your arms in the sleeves; it makes the whole putting it on thing much easier. Can't wait for you to send me a picture of you in it.

After that was completed I promptly started another pair of socks with the green and peach colourway of that lovely sock yarn we bought (Mommy bought the exact same skein). This time I am trying the riverbed sock pattern. I can't wait to see how this colourway knits up. Will it spiral like the blue one or do something completely different?
And for anyone who might like a custom fit pair of socks one day in the unexpected future these are the measurements of your foot that I would need you to email me so I can keep record of them and use them as the mood strikes me. When taking the foot length measurement, make sure you are standing and putting weight on it and use something flat to make sure your heel is on the 0 inch marker and something flat again to measure where your toe ends.

That's all for now folks!

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