some finished objects

Since it has been a while since I have posted there are lots of things to be updated on. Far too many for this one post, so hopefully there will be a series of posts in this blogs future. One can hope, right?

The last time mom came to visit she brought down a little present for TC. It was suppose to be a mat for him to sit and sleep on, but he refused to do either. However he does love it in a toy capacity. Especially if it has been spiked with catnip.
The sweater for my sister has been finished and is in a box ready to send. I just need the packing tape to close it. Another feather and a note have been added since this picture was taken.
After that sweater was done this was started on the needles:
Which quickly became this three weeks later. I have worn it but I haven't had the chance to get anyone to take a picture. I did get several compliments when I wore it to work!
There are a few other things on the needles as well as something I finished a while ago and am just blocking now that was never posted about. Those will hopefully be the subject of future posts!

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Lolair said...

Please tell me you've mailed it, you can get packing tape at a corner store! :P Oooo feathers, ty! I think I'll make some earrings out of them...