the count is in and you have voted for......

Well the voters have voted and since I agree with the chosen yarn, the socks have been started. Besides just the colour this is a really good choice for the yarn to become Dad's socks. The reason? Because (a) it is machine washable and (b) maybe the more important one, this is a merino and seacell yarn by Fleece Artist (seacell is a nice word for seaweed). This makes the yarn incredible strong. How strong you ask? So strong that I have to use scissors, I can't just break the yarn no matter how hard I pull. They should survive Dad's regular usage just fine. Oh yes and here is the picture:
I think the pattern is manly enough that the other guys won't pick on him too much. My friends husband said it looked fine, so we'll go with that.

I've also started a little something for me. Yes it is more lace. Cause you can never have enough on the needles in my opinion. It is a silk yarn that is so fine it might be cobweb weight. It is a black yarn with blue and green and this picture does not do it justice. Oh another thing, I might just be a wee bit obsessed with this one.
Oh and the fact that I am posting more often; well that might just have something to do with the new computer. It's just soooo much easier now!

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