more updates and manly sock vote

This has been the project on the needles for a while. It's been the portable project and is now the full length the pattern recommends but if you noticed I still have quite a bit of yarn left. I'm going to keep knitting til the yarn runs out or I'm sick of it and bind off! The pattern is on of Knitspot's (http://www.knitspot.com/knitting_pattern/). It has been very enjoyable mindless lace knitting. Not to mention it makes the laceweight Malibrigo look stunning!
If you look back through some of the older posts you will remember I had posted a picture of the start of these. The first one is finished and the second one had been started but then summer came and the need for socks diminished and so did the knitting of them. So here they are waiting for the cool weather to come.
I added a little lace detail at the top for some added entertainment.
This is a post of another thing that was shown in a previous post. It has gotten bigger as well, but hasn't been worked on much lately. The details don't show up to well in this picture but then it isn't stretched out the way lace needs to be to really appreciate it.
Dad needs a new birthday present since he is becoming an invalid and can't enjoy the one I was planning on getting him. So here is a selection of manlish sock yarns. Which one should be turned into a pair of socks for him (the one thing he can't have too much off)? The man likes handmade socks so much he is willing to wear them even if the look girly (trust me I asked). However we have no plans of testing that theory right now.


Lolair said...

Blue, his favourite colour, and it looks hand dyed yum... drool

Anonymous said...

I agree, blue is great! It is difficult to tell the colour of the two on the right....brown or burgundy? But BLUE should win!